Kitty Teltscher

Kitty Teltscher was born in Bombay, of Hungarian parents, and educated in Tel Aviv and Vienna. She came to England in 1963 to go to St Clare's College, Oxford and while there met her first husband, David McLintock, an Oxford don. Their marriage produced a daughter Julia.
This marriage ended in divorce and in 1991 Kitty married Bernard Teltscher whom she had known for many years.
Kitty's parents were keen bridge players and her first memory of a bridge game is of them sitting on the verandah of their large bungalow on the outskirts of Bombay, playing bridge with Viennese friends. In the late 50's Kitty used to kibitz regularly at the Cafe Prueckl in Vienna. The standard was poor, but she was hooked.
She played primarily rubber bridge for stakes at Stefan's Bridge Circle, The Acol, St John's Wood Bridge Club, St James and latterly TGR's. In 2002 she formed a partnership with Lizzie Godfrey and played as a team with Nicola Smith and Heather Dhondy, Michelle Brunner and Rhona Goldenfeld. They won the Trials and the Lady Milne and competed in Montreal.
In 2003, Lizzie and Kitty played with Nicola and Heather and Sally Brock partnering Kath Nelson. They competed in Menton.
In 2004 Sally and Kitty linked up.
Kitty has been writing a popular column in Bridge Plus for the past 6 or 7 years, called "Bridge with Panache"

Major International Appearances

Women's European Championships: 2004
Venice Cup: 2005
Women's World Olympiad: 2004

Lady Milne selections: 2002 and 2004

We are grateful to Shireen Mohandes for providing the photograph of Kitty.