Leszek Lubaszewski

I was born in Ilawa, Poland in 1967. My father was an agricultural adviser and my mother was an office worker. I am an only child. I have a daughter and grandson in Poland.

I went to university to study Economics but due to the delights of bridge (among other activities!) I did not graduate. After leaving university and working in a variety of uninspiring jobs, I came to the UK in 2007. I resigned from my first job due to the work hours preventing me from playing bridge!! Living in London, I joined BT Bridge Club. I also played at YC, Woodberry and Richmond. After moving to Northampton I joined the 2 clubs, Northampton and Kingsley, and continued working so that I could play 4 nights a week.

My English progress has been not helped by working too much with East European colleagues in the last 7 years. I hope to improve rapidly!!