Lionel Wright

1953 - 2003

Lionel was born in England but grew up in New Zealand which he represented in five world championships.
Lionel won the gold medal in the 1990 World Continuous Pairs in Geneva. He and his regular partner Malcolm Mayer destroyed the opposition in every session bar two, in which they took turns to partner Gabriel Chagas and Munir Ata-Ullah.

Shortly after Lionel returned to London to play rubber bridge. In 1995 he was appointed manager of TGR's. Lionel's irreverence, repartee and pranks endeared him to most of the club members but not all. But it is largely thanks to his skilful and energetic management in difficult times that the club survives today. In 1998 he envisaged and organised the TGR international auction pairs. He struck up a partnership with David Price at about that time which was successful in domestic events, winning both pairs and teams in one Easter Festival, but fated never to play for Great Britain.

After finishing his stint at TGR's Lionel cut down on bridge to focus on his betting activities, which were phenomenally successful. Nevertheless he may have regarded last year as his most successful ever. In partnership with Gunnar Hallberg he reached the quarter-final of the Rosenblum in Montreal and the final of the Gold Cup.

He leaves wife Anisia and recently adopted sons Jason and Brendon.

We are grateful to Tom Townsend for this article and to Shireen Mohandes for the photograph

Brighton Four Stars Teams Winner: 1997