Lisa Miller

I was born in Thame, Oxfordshire. I am married to Andrew since March 2000. We do not have any children but we have 2 cats which my husband says I treat better than him. (No idea what he’s talking about).
I currently live in a small village in Buckinghamshire where my husband and I moved to about nine years ago.
I like walking, cycling, listening to music but my favourite hobby is shopping.
I currently work in the Education Department servicing Bridge for All and EBUTA (now EBTA) teachers to the best of my ability as I am not a bridge player. I maintain the EBTA Teachers database of around 700 teachers and the Bridge for All database of around 1300 active Bridge for All students which I register on our database individually. I am the first point of contact when you phone the Bridge for All Helpline. I invoice and send out the Bridge for All materials to teachers to then give out in classes to their students. I provide administration support to the Education Manager.

Last updated: July 2016