Lizzie Godfrey

I learnt bridge at school, and played with friends in the lunch break but didn't really know the rules so we made them up. Then I met Tim Nagley who ran the Acol Club whilst playing in a pro blackjack team (being paid for playing cards all day was my idea of heaven) and I realised that there was a whole universe of people playing bridge and that I could join them. Met up with Willie Whittaker who taught me his special brand of bridge. First played in the Lady Milne with Jacqui Tobias (1997), then with Kitty Teltcher (2002), then with Dinah Caplan (2011) and last year (2013) with Pauline Cohen (no one puts up with me for long). We won every time except the time I got fined for slow play which made us draw with the Scots.

I represented England with Jacqui Tobias in Salsiamaggiore and with Kitty Teltcher in Montreal, Canada and Menton, France never with any great success....

Great bridge moments: winning the Womens Teams in the UK with Jacqui Tobias and winning the Womens Teams in Australia in 2000.

I play a lot of bridge in France where I have a home in the mountains which is completely self-sufficient - spring water, solar panel electricity and heated with a wood burner. Two acres of land for growing food. I work for London Ambulance the rest of the time. Nice contrast! I run a school in Jaipur, India for children who live on a rubbish dump. Lots of my bridge friends, especially from the Acol club in London, support me in this which is fab.

I love dancing the tango and any other dance that's on offer. Especially with handsome frenchmen..... I have one son Jaime (his father is sadly no longer with us) who has produced two little ones...the loves of my life.

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