Marjorie Hiron

d 1982

by Terence Reese

Marjorie died recently after a short illness. Every-ones sympathy will go to her husband, Alan. As Marjorie Van Rees (her second husband actually, the first having been killed in the war),she played in the women's team at Stockholm in 1956, when I was captain.

Living in the Midlands at the time, she had no special partner and didn't play much in the first week but remained a fine team member of an otherwise difficult squad. She played three more times for Britain, winning at Torquay in 1961. From then on, she retired from tournament play.

In the 1960s Marjorie did secretarial work both for me and for Rixi. She was something quite rare in the bridge world -attractive, humorous, no fool in any way, yet I never heard her speak an unkind word of anyone.

Major International Appearances

Women's European Championships: 1956 1957 1958 and 1961*

* = 1st place

Camrose Trophy Selections: 1958