Michael Clark

I was born in September 1978, which makes me 37 at time of writing. I live in Aylesbury, about a mile from the office although I'm still usually too lazy to walk or cycle and just drive, and I've worked for the EBU since November 2004. My job is quite varied but it mainly revolves around the website - programming, designing and maintaining it. I also support the office IT systems, answer membership queries, change the odd light bulb and correct Karen's spelling. I enjoy working here as it's never dull and there's always some project going on to sink my teeth into. I'm not sure what I'd do if we ever finished it all!

Outside of the EBU, I like to write treasure hunts, so if you're in Oxford or Gloucestershire then check out our website.

I have been known to grace the bridge table and was quite competitive once upon a time, playing in a lot of EBU events, the Premier League and representing Oxfordshire at the highest level (such that it is). My best result was probably coming agonisingly close to winning the National Pairs in 2007 with Luke Porter, having earlier won the regional final. But my focus has moved on to other things over the years and I don't play so much any more. Bridge will always be very dear to my heart, though, as most of my closest friends come from the bridge world and many of my fondest memories involve the game. I can also say I've partnered three World Champions, which sounds more impressive than it actually is.

If I need a game-playing fix nowadays I'm more likely to set up a board game and very much enjoy meeting up with friends to play some games over a few beers. There's a wonderful world of board games out there that most people who have only played Monopoly and Risk won't know anything about, and our group has many favourites, from the elegant mathematics of Puerto Rico and El Grande to the longer, heavier, games such as 1830 and Here I Stand. I also enjoy video games, but these days just stick with the big releases such as Mario and Zelda.

Outside of games, I read a lot, watch television, make some attempt to keep active by playing golf or running, but my main passion is films. I'll watch anything, even the dreadful stuff (this is why Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is the greatest television program ever made), but I love exploring the history of cinema and still have a long way to go. I've seen plenty of Kurosawa, Antonioni and Herzog but precious little Fellini, Tarkovsky and Godard. Eventually that will be remedied.

If you want to know more about me, there's another biography at poorbridge.com, a website I used to run and which is still active. (cheers Phil!)

Updated: March 2016

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