Monica Aitken

Dimmie Fleming Award citation - 2018 (nomination from Kent)

For the whole of this century, Monica has been involved in the organisation of Kent events. She started by organising the Tunbridge Wells 3-day Congress from 2001 – 2006, also being a member of the Committee in which capacity she has been Minutes Secretary, Chair of the Premises sub-committee, Chair of the Refurbishment sub-committee and ad hoc membership of other sub-committees. Catering for all Kent County events.

Her success as TWBC Congress Chair, led to her being asked to become the KCBA Congress Secretary. She agreed to this in 2007 and is still fulfilling that role currently. With one year off in 2016, she been the Kent Green Points Competition Secretary from the same date to the present.

In West Kent she has been keen to help out with the very successful initiatives to bring bridge to the young, being involved with the West Kent Youth Association since its inception in 2014 – activities which include being responsible for the minutes and for liaising with the David Davenport Trust, as well as teaching in two schools.

Kent are fully aware that, without Monica, they could not possibly claim to be a successful County, she has been the backbone of all the happenings in the bridge world in Kent.