Neil Morley

Neil was born in 1948 in a suburb of Birmingham famous for its production of chocolate. He was taught by his father in his 11+ year before going to Grammar School. Bridge was not part of school activities at either primary or secondary education.
Bridge was part of Neil’s early life as he was allowed to watch his father play rubber at home as part of a social four. Serious interest in bridge was rekindled while single and working away from home and he attended clubs as a visitor in such diverse places as Scunthorpe and Scotland.
Serious interest re-started when, after getting married, the recently formed Arrow Bridge Club in Redditch was only 200 yards (metres) from home! A long lasting bridge partnership and friendship with the club founder was formed, and, when he moved for career progression insisted that the Club Tournament Director’s mantle fell on Neil’s shoulders.
As a member of Stratford on Avon Bridge Club Neil was fortunate to meet Max Bavin, who is now the EBU & WBF Chief Tournament Director. Max encouraged Neil’s progression up the TD panel of which he has now been a member continuously for more than 30 years. 2009 saw Neil promoted to the rank of National Director.
Since Neil became a member of the TD Panel he has directed at virtually all the EBU’s events over the years. In particular, he has been to the Jersey Congress for more than 25 years and latterly has been its Chief Tournament Director.
Neil sees membership of the L & E Committee as a small way of putting something back into the game and is pleased and proud to be a member.
Currently, Neil runs his own consultancy company specialising in Business Development and Sales.