Pauline Cohen

Pauline Cohen is 70 years old, lives in Highgate London, and learnt to play bridge by watching her parents when she was in her teens and then playing in the prefects’ room at St Pauls Girls School. She played for St Andrews University while only just getting a degree in Maths due to the much more interesting pursuits of Bridge and Drama

She then abandoned the game for many years while working for IBM. This work took up far too much of her time and so after 27 years she took early retirement from them and did consultancy work. This provided the time to return to playing bridge and this has now become her main pastime. After several near misses she eventually qualified to play for England in the Lady Milne in 2013 with Lizzie Godfrey and was delighted to find herself on the winning side

She also gets much pleasure from travelling and going to the theatre.

Lady Milne Trophy selections: 2013

Last updated: December 2013