Pedro Juan

1907 - 1965

Pedro was a contemporary of S J Simon and Jack Marx at London University, and he had many of Skid's best qualities: humanity, humour, and great skill at bridge. He could also write very well on the game.

It seems a little odd now, but when I first knew him he has a wardrobe full of snazzy suits, was a tango expert and a lady-killer who lived it up on the French Riviera.

In the last few years his health was poor but he never lost his spirits, and was very happy with his pretty wife, Jane. It was a deep pleasure for him to see the shy provincial girl develop into a poised international player.

He and I had a special relationship, sharing interests in golf, greyhound racing, bridge politics, and the quirks of human nature. 'Mark my word,' he would say wagging an admonitory finger as he discoursed on the promise of his latest discovery in bridge, or the iniquity of a rival. The only subject he never discussed was himself. Pedro was a real 'out-giver', which is rare in modern life, still more so in the world of bridge.

by Terence Reese, Bridge Magazine December 1965

Camrose Trophy selections: 1946 1955 and 1958

Gold Cup winner: 1946 1948 and 1956