Peter Stockdale

Peter was EBU Communications Officer from 2013-2018

I was born in Whitby in 1980 but lived most of my life in Loughborough. I am married to Zoe, and we moved to Oxford in September 2014 when Zoe started a job at the University. I was at university there for four years around the turn of the millennium - at Jesus College and then at Oxford Brookes.

I joined the EBU in October 2013 having run my own business for 9 years, selling specialist bird foods and veterinary products.

I love running, particularly marathons, and cycling, but that is as much so that I carbo-load beforehand, and reward myself with cake afterwards, as it is to do with the athletic endeavour itself. I am also a massive sports fan - Sky Sports is as essential in our house as electricity and running water. I watch almost everything, but my main passions are rugby, cricket and particularly American Football. Thankfully Zoe shares my interest - we showed the 2007 Rugby World Cup final during our wedding reception (England's defeat to South Africa didn't spoil the day too much).

I learned to play bridge when I was 10, but only started to play more seriously towards the end of secondary school. I then played throughout university and was lucky enough to represent England in three international tournaments (although sadly they never took me further afield than The Netherlands). I took a break from the game after university, but started playing again a few years ago, albeit not very frequently. I am the older brother of Susan Norton who has played for the England ladies team.

I enjoy going to comedy gigs, listening to music (mostly 'guitar bands' of the 90s and 00s), and travelling in the USA - particularly visiting its national parks and big cities (and its retailers of cheesecakes, burritos and pretzels). I have an unlimited cinema ticket so go to the movies quite a lot - my favourite film of 2017 was probably Paddington 2.

Last updated: May 2018