Qian Li

I am 27 years old and started playing bridge as a complete beginner at Acol Bridge Club in 2015. Within a year, I gradually climbed up the ladder from “Player A and Player B” to “Player of the Week”, playing from “Supervised Play” to “Normal Duplicate”.

From late 2016 I started to play more regularly at Young Chelsea Bridge Club in London and obtained some good results towards the second half of 2017. I was offered the opportunity to play in Lady Milne Trial early 2018 partnering Alexandra Birchall. Luck was with us, we finished second as a fresh partnership and got selected to play for Lady Milne Trophy in April 2018.

I am currently working as an Exotics Trader for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, trading from Credit Exotics to Complex Interest Rate Swaptions. Traders are known as having genes for taking massive risks and bluffing, I am actually spending extra effort to be recognized as a logical and solid player. (Well if on the table am going against the odds of the play it is not a matter of perversity. Most likely I just failed to recognize the superior line of play)

I am really into playing bridge and improving my bridge skill is the top priority apart from making a living. But when am not playing, I am a good cook especially for traditional Chinese dishes. I also play good table tennis if that helps relaxing my mind from bridge.

Last updated: March 2018

Lady Milne selections: 2018 and 2020