Rhoda Lederer

d. 1990

Rhoda Lederer had been involved with many aspects of bridge over the years. After marrying into a justly celebrated bridge family, she and Tony (son of the famous Richard Lederer) had been the prime movers in the foundation of the English Bridge Union Teachers Association - and co-authors of Learn Bridge with the Lederers. Independently she had written many other books on the game, was co-editor of the European edition of The Bridge Players Encyclopedia and edited the IBPA Bulletin 1967-71. She was perhaps best known as a teacher, with thousands of students over the years, and annually produced an edition of The Bridge Player's Acol Diary. In the way that these things happen, I received my copy of the 1991 diary only a few days after I learnt of her death. She would have been deeply distressed to have read that the Laws and Ethics Committee of the EBU no longer regard "Acol" as sufficient description of one's methods.

As a close friend and team-mate of her late husband, Tony, I had been honoured when Rhoda invited me to say a few words at his funeral. I had often worked with Rhoda in the earlier days of the EBUTA (now EBTA) and thoroughly appreciated all the effort and long hours that she had put into the game. She will be sadly missed.

by Alan Hiron, Bridge magazine, January 1991