Robert Northage

Dimmie Fleming Award winner, 2014

Robert has just stood down after a period of 20 years as General Secretary of the Association. In this time he has expanded the role of the General Secretary so that it is at the heart of bridge activities in the county. Robert has taken on an enormous workload on behalf of the Association and we remain in his debt. In addition to his support for our various sub-committees he has developed a particular interest in laws and ethics, which he intends to continue with, along with continuing to be Competition Controller of some of our county bridge competitions.

Robert trained as a county level director in 1995 and has been one of a select panel who directs county pairs and teams events consistently since then. This is a role he intends to continue with in the future.

The fact the Leicestershire runs a Green Point weekend featuring pairs and teams events is due to Robert’s efforts in resurrecting and organising the events. That this is a successful venture is due largely to Robert’s efforts.

Robert has also been an EBU Shareholder on behalf of the county. He has taken his duties conscientiously, plays an active role in Shareholder meetings and will continue to do so