Ron Heath

Dimmie Fleming Award citation - 2016

Ron’s unpaid work for the bridge world began in 1975 for Surrey. He was County tournament director 19'75-1982, vice president 1988, president 1989, past president 1990, Chairman 1998 – 2002. EBU shareholder 1977 to 2002. Ron was match manager for Surrey hosting the Camrose match versus Northern Ireland on behalf of the EBU in Farnborough 2002. He initiated and originally ran the Surrey One Day Green event. He was secretary ( i.e. sole organiser ) of the Metropolitan cup 1984 – 1994.

For Dorset: Ron has been an EBU county shareholder since 2008 and County Secretary 2010 – 2014.
Ron has been a tireless worker for Dorset during his time here. He has directed, help organise including the duplimating of boards for various county events over the years. His knowledge of all things to do with the EBU has been invaluable to the committee particularly when redrafting our constitution. He continues to direct at club level and assists and guides at improver sessions. His reporting back from shareholder meetings is always efficient and informative.

He is always an excellent role model by his exemplary behavior at the table.

Ron was a member of the EBU Laws and Ethics Committee where he undertook the task of designing, printing and getting accepted the EBU20 convention card. It was not changed for 27 years when it was modified to become the present EBU20A. He was a member on many occasions at appeals committees at congresses.