Sarah Amos

My bridge playing career began nearly 30 years ago when I separated from my first husband and went home to mother. Mum and my step-father, were out nearly every night, teaching or playing bridge so after a couple of weeks of sitting at home on my own I decided I might as well join them. Three classes a week is probably the ideal way to learn and I was playing in the club within six months. My first directing experience was helping my stepfather to score club events and in the early nineties. I completed my Club TD training in Wales, where I fairly quickly began running area events before graduating to National finals.

Since I joined the EBU TD panel 15 years ago, I have worked all over the UK, running all types of bridge events. For the past few years I have been in charge of the Brighton mid-week Seniors Congress and I am looking forward to the new home for the “Summer Meeting” in Eastbourne in 2016.

When I first joined the EBU panel it was very much an “Old Boys Club” with little representation for women at the highest levels, so I was very proud to be promoted to Senior Director three years ago. Becoming an EBU National Director is a long held ambition which I am delighted to have now achieved. I am grateful to Chief TDs Max Bavin and Gordon Rainsford and all my colleagues for the encouragement they have given me.

My claim to fame is that I am a triangle pioneer, (although Mike might dispute this!). Instead of the traditional sin bin for players in the Swiss teams triple we have developed a way for players to stay at their home table.

I love the variety that directing brings me and the chance to meet a huge range of different personalities and levels of bridge player. I often work with my husband Mike. Together, we’ve set the standard for directing Home Internationals in both England and Wales. We really enjoy working together as a team but, I am looking forward to being the director “in charge” more often.

I have two beautiful daughters, Ruth who lives and works in Brighton and Rachel who is just off to University and would make a very fine Tournament Director.