Sarah Teshome

Sarah works for EY as a chartered accountant, heading up the Transfer Pricing team in the north. She is married to former England International Richard Winter and they have two children. Their daughter Sophie describes herself as a squib in a wizarding family (a reference that only works if you have read or watched Harry Potter). Their son Daniel has recently been selected to play in the England Under 15 team. Sarah's interests outside bridge are books, theatre, travel and walking her dog.

In terms of bridge achievements domestically, Sarah has featured many times in the finals of all the majors. Her highest place in Crockfords is 2nd, in the Spring Fours is the last undefeated team, the Gold Cup is the quarter finals, the Four Stars is 2nd. She has won the second division of the Premier League and finished above average in the first division. Apart from the majors, she has won many national events in England, Scotland and Wales, including the National Teams, the Easter pairs, the Harrogate pairs, the Scottish Fours, Llangollen teams and pairs, the Brighton Bowl, the Ladies Teams and the Lady Milne. Sarah has now retired from county events but it is worth noting that she has won all the major county events many times and represented Yorkshire in the Tollemache for 22 years in succession. Internationally she has won medals in Ladies pairs and teams events and also Mixed events.

Major International Appearances
Women's European Championships: 2006 and 2008
Women's World Olympiad: 2007
World Bridge Games (Mixed team): 2016

Lady Milne Trophy selections: 1997 2003 2005 2006 2007 2008 2015 and 2020

National Teams Congress winners: 1995 and 1996