Stephen Green

I was a lucky Cockney, getting into a grammar school just before they disbanded. Graduated from the chess club to the less organised bridge crowd, encouraged by enthusiastic teachers who took our pocket money in their homes, playing for a few pennies a hundred. Wouldn’t happen these days! 

Entered the Gold Cup for the first time and drew the previous year’s winners including Shenkin & Rosenberg. Got absolutely smashed. Two years later and again drew the previous year’s winners. I had a lift with Joe Amsbury up to Coventry for the match, with Nardin & Lodge on the back seat. We won, the journey back was a little tense, but I was hooked.

I was at Warwick Uni for a maths-related degree and encouraged the Students Union to buy some equipment ie. cards, tables, and a fairly strong group of players emerged. Lived in Warwickshire ever since. Retired a few years ago after a career in Sales & Marketing, largely for fmcg food brands. 

On the non-playing side I like to create new formats eg. the very popular divisional Pairs League now used in several clubs; led the move for Coventry Bridge Club from Spon Street in the town centre, to a new build, joining forces with Coventry & North Warwickshire Cricket Club; and no doubt some will remember my unsuccessful opposition to the introduction of Pay-to-Play. 

These days I enjoy playing in the Polish Premier League, which has an attractive national pyramid style format and seemingly fewer system regulations. And I just qualified as a senior so perhaps a gentler game beckons. 
Hopefully my new role on the L&E will contribute for the better, particularly once the current challenge of discouraging cheating subsides. 

Last updated: February 2022

Teltscher Trophy Selections: 2023

Crockfords Cup: 1994