Thomas Bradkin

Thomas is 12 years old, lives in central London and plays bridge at every possible opportunity. He started learning how to play when he was 7 years old on a family vacation when he was roped in to be a family fourth by his elder brother, Andrew. Thomas took bridge lessons at Westminster Under with Heather Sanderson (Bakhshi) and started playing for the U16 team in 2020.

Thomas partnered with Andrew and came in second place in the Scottish Junior National Pairs, June 2020. In February 2021, Thomas and Andrew finished second nationally in the EBU Master Pairs (Adult) competition. They scored the most match points overall and won their local round at the Richmond Bridge Club.

When not playing bridge, Thomas plays cricket. rugby and baseball. He is passionate about history, Latin and classic films.

Junior Selections

Leszek Nowak Memorial Trophy: 2020