Trevor Hobson

Trevor has been an indispensable member of the Surrey Committee for 15 years. In recent times, he has been Chairman from 2015-20 and President from 2020-22, and prior to this he had taken on various other roles, such as Leagues organiser.

He used his tenure as Chairman to drive significant change in the way Surrey operated, reshaping and refocussing the team, improving the marketing of events, and leading a complete redesign of the website. He has also used his IT skills to provide the team with management information (for instance, to enable targeted marketing), and to automate a number of our previously time-consuming manual processes, such as maintaining the Victor Ludorum. Though he stood down as President this year, he remains an extremely committed member of the team, continuing to contribute to the county’s future direction. Indeed, his experience leads him to be consulted by other committee members on a variety of bridge topics.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of Surrey events, helping to produce fliers in advance, and on the day (when we used to hold them F2F) always the first to arrive and the last to leave, in order to assist with putting out the tables and chairs.
We strongly recommend Trevor for the 2022 Dimmie Fleming Award. 

Dimmie Fleming Award 2022