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Phil Collier from Afternoon Bridge Club in Norfolk sent us the below amusing little story which emerged when playing in the Club Pairs on 22nd May:

On Board 7, partner opened 1 Heart which was passed out. Then follows a crunch decision, should I make a quick cuppa or watch partner in action?

Actually neither is strictly true as the key point was to watch the nearly unknown opponents play their cards in defence. Armed with a very brief posted system description any clues might come in handy on our second of two boards, so no Tea for now!

Ace spades lead, Spade to King, Ruff (9H) and King Diamonds to partners Ace, Partner plays small to Heart King and as dummy I note that East plays 5, 6 then 7 of Hearts, his partner having ruffed with the 9 then played 8, 10 Jack. So they have both played in the standard fashion, high low even, low high odd, info banked!

So with partner having made his seven tricks we move on to Board 8.

After my 1N opening as North, partner enquires with 2 Spades, and I play in 3N having shown a max 14 count.

On the 3 of Spades lead to Ace and spade continuation, of which 6 of 8 pairs played the same on the first two tricks, I won with Q Spades in dummy and played a  small diamond on which West played the Jack, I play the  King and East, I duly note, plays the 6. Playing another Diamond toward dummy East played the 7 and he looking like a very honest person and having seen the way he carded on B7 I confidently rose with the Ace to fell West's Queen. for 11 tricks and a top.

Unfortunately we've already sat out so that Cuppa is going to have to wait!

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