Brevion Bridge Club Celebrates 25 Years

Submitted by English Bridge Union on Wed, 16/03/2022 - 14:34

Back to Face to Face with at least ten tables a week and growing, Brevion Bridge Club is a friendly club that has always welcomed early learners. Recently, a special session saw Brevion Bridge Club celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Run by Ron Webb and Carolyn Irving, two well known Bridge teachers in the Chelmsford and Maldon area, the Brevion club has helped many learners transition to Club Bridge.

Ron and Lyn have used the anniversary to retire from the club and to pass Brevion Bridge Club into the safe hands of Valdie Poter. Valdie has vowed to always respect Ron and Lyn's values. He offers Bridge Lessons and when ready an easy transition to Club Bridge at Brevion, the Club that will always welcome early leaners!

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