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In the third of the "Day in the Life" series of blog posts, EBU Club Liaison Officer Jonathan Lillycrop describes his typical work day:

I live in South East London so quite a long way from the office in Aylesbury. I work two days per week in the office, staying with my parents overnight on the night in between as they live much closer to the office! When I am going into the office I leave home at 5:50am, cycle to Clapham Junction, get the train to Kenton, a short cycle to Harrow and from there the train to Aylesbury which gets me to the office for 8:30am. Sometimes I need to drive but the drive can take up to 3 hours each way so cycling and the train is the more pleasant option (unless it is raining!). 

My day starts with answering emails. I have two roles: Club Liaison Officer and EBUScore Support and Development so I get emails on quite a range of topics. I enjoy this as you never know what people are going to ask and what the day is going to bring! As Club Liaison Officer my role is to help clubs and club members in whatever ways I can by giving them support and advice. A great deal of this is through email correspondence.

Over the last two years some clubs have paid EBU for me to direct their online games. As clubs have taken over their own directing or have returned to face to face, the number of games I am directing has reduced but I still direct for a few clubs.

EBUScore is the scoring software which is available for free to all affiliated clubs and is also used for EBU face to face tournaments. I am responsible for fixing bugs and adding new features. When I am in the office I try to do some work on this as my computer in the office is better setup for doing this work.

I am glad to be able to come into the office each week and talk with colleagues (both about work and other things). During the 14 months that I was working exclusively from home I went a bit crazy at times and missed the social interaction of the office.

Sometimes in the evenings I get to play some bridge and I am enjoying being able to play face to face again. Most days I also find time to play in the EBU 20 board Funbridge game.

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