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For those of you who have glanced at my blogs over the last few weeks, you will, I hope, have a good idea of what to do, apart from play bridge, whilst you are down in Sunny Sussex.

Now comes the nitty gritty what to do next and, in order of priority

  1. Book your accommodation   2.  Book your accommodation   3. Book your accommodation

This is a busy seaside resort, and you will be visiting at peak season. The last 3 weekends have been absolutely buzzing so I was a tad spooked when I looked at the www.visiteastbourne.co.uk site a short while ago. It had a lot of hotels listed 4 weeks ago – not many now. Nor is some kind person building a hotel next door to the Winter Garden just for bridge players. Why not? I hear you say! Panic not, the usual hotel booking websites are showing plenty of availability, but you are seriously advised to get your skates on to secure your bed for the period……., then put in your bridge entry if you haven’t already……. then plan your travel.

Graphic of a bed If you are wanting to stick to a budget, Airbnb still shows availability during this period. There are quite number around the venue, plus if travelling by car think about some of the smaller surrounding towns and villages mentioned in my blogs.

Graphic of a car If you are driving to Eastbourne, around the Devonshire Quarter (DQ) some roads have free parking, some have meters and there are town centre car parks. West is Best is the motto if you want to avoid paying for your parking!   

Graphic of a wheelchair and user There are disabled bays in the DQ giving easy access to the Winter Garden. If you are a wheelchair user there is easy street access to the venue and a “drive through” lift taking you from street level to the playing area.

Graphic of a train If you want the train to take the strain, there are twice hourly services from Victoria, and direct services west to Lewes and Brighton, east to Bexhill and Hastings and to Ashford International. The station is about a 10-to-15-minute walk to the venue or there are plenty of taxis.

Graphic of a bike For the odd cyclist, you are very welcome.

Graphic of a plate of food and drink As previously mentioned, you are strongly advised to pre-book your restaurants for the evenings. As we will finish play for the Friday, Saturday & Sunday at approx. 7 p.m., i.e. just when all the other happy holiday makers want feeding, I’m sure you will appreciate why.  Even those playing in the Lite Saturday and Sunday sessions are better to pre-book. Closer to

August we will publish a list of restaurants and their websites, addresses and phone numbers.

Incidentally our Meeting numbers are already way up on last year with 4 weeks still to go. Don’t miss out if you’re new to our Flagship event; or renew old acquaintances if you are a regular.

Remember, 2022 is the year when foreign travel starved Brits won’t all get away because the airports don't have the staff to cope. Some of those disappointed people will holiday in Eastbourne, just like you and me! And, anyway, who wants to spend their holiday in an airport!

By Ros Wolfarth

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