Stocking Filler

Submitted by English Bridge Union on Wed, 08/12/2021 - 11:36

A pack of playing cards is a perfect STOCKING FILLER especially for children.

For a fun selection try:

Harry Potter Playing Cards
Star Wars Playing Cards
Banksy Playing Cards
Beatles Playing Cards
Friends Playing Cards
Or your own Personalised Playing Cards

You can also buy playing cards at the Bridge Warehouse

Playing cards promotes skills through the development in many areas of mathematical and social development in a relaxed atmosphere where children don’t even know they’re learning. We’ve given just 10 reasons:

  • Problem solving and logical thinking
  • The ability to plan and develop strategies
  • Acting co-operatively
  • Feeling free to make mistakes
  • Developing friendships / bonds with others
  • Turn taking
  • Abiding by rules
  • Concentration
  • Rote counting, counting on and back
  • The development of fine motor skills
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