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59 days to go…some hidden gems and places to visit + a short lesson in how to save money!

It seems other people know how to do this (save money that is!) because lots of you have booked earlier than normal and saved a whole £10 for booking the entire Congress! I’ve just paid, and I feel quite thrifty and smug…I shall go to the ball, and I will have paid less than some.  DON’T FORGET. It’s not too late – or too early!  Book by 30th June and the entire Congress costs £115, forget to put your entry in this month and it will cost you £125. Thank you to the many equally thrifty / sensible people who have already booked. 

On my way home from grocery shopping, I drive past the wall shown above left. Not only is Eastbourne a beautiful town, but the walls are a picture in themselves, mainly pebbles and flint, and as can be seen in this particular wall, crammed full of daisies. The photo on the right is just behind the Wish Tower (on the seafront immediately opposite the Winter Garden) where amongst other things we have a lot of palm trees and Peruvian Lilies. It’s just a stone’s throw from Bistrot Pierre, which, although one of the favourite eateries in town, is entirely hidden from view from the seafront road and has THE best views. 

Motcombe Gardens near EastbourneCuckmere valley

Close to the Wall with Daisies, in the Old Town, is the delightful Motcombe Gardens (left). It’s the source of the burne (bourne) from which the town takes its name, prefixed by East in the 14th century as there was another in West Sussex. It’s a delightful oasis of calm with mediaeval dovecote still standing.  

On the right, opposite Litlington in the Cuckmere valley, is a White Horse and some “rather large birds” making good use of the thermals. In this part of the Downs there are several launch sites for hang-gliders. You might prefer to sit in the Plough and Harrow’s garden and enjoy them from afar. It’ll take about 15 – 20 minutes to drive from the venue to this spot. Hang-gliders not guaranteed. Quality of food good.

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