Year End Club Events

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As clubs are getting back to face to face play, now is the time of year when party planning is in full swing. Last week we looked at ways for clubs to liven up party's with more social games of bridge. Two clubs that are preparing for their Year End celebrations are the National Liberal Club in London and Oliver Cowan Bridge Club, which started online last year but is planning face to face events for the first time.

This coming Monday 29th November, the The National Liberal Club are hosting a End-of-Year Duplicate Bridge Supper with Champagne Prizes starting at 6.45pm at their Club in London. 

As featured in this month's English Bridge magazine, Oliver Cowan has spent the past year building his new Bridge Club. To find out more visit the Oliver Cowan Bridge Club website or join in his Year End Congress Open Pairs and New Year's Face to Face Congress.

If your club is hosting an end of year event, let us know.

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