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Caught Cold

On a chilly January afternoon online bridge proved its worth again when the counties of Essex, Wiltshire and Somerset combined to run a 24 table Blue-pointed Swiss Pairs. The entries came from further afield in England than just those three counties and also from players in Indonesia, Italy and Spain.

The eventual winners were Ashley Sawyer and Gary Waller from Essex with a fine score of 106 from 7 matches.


The Youthful Game of Bridge

 Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m a new member of the U21 squad having recently ‘graduated’ from the U16s. Since lockdown I have been playing lots of congresses and other events online which has helped me improve my game and given me a chance to play in events I wouldn’t have had time to travel to. It also provided a useful respite from the monotony of the strict lockdowns a year or two ago.


Bridge Around the World – Canada

It is hard to find a silver lining in the dark cloud that has been the pandemic afflicting the world over the past two years. However, there is a small one: the proliferation of on-line bridge. Not only have the established platforms and several new ones been a blessing to clubs in our local areas but they have also enabled players to visit clubs in other parts of the UK and abroad.