Affiliated clubs with Charitable Status

A number of EBU affiliated clubs have already completed the process of becoming a Charity (CIO) including the following:

Bath BC Wiltshire
Bradgate Bridge Club Leicestershire
Brighouse BS Yorkshire
Bristol BC Avon
Cheltenham BC Gloucestershire
County Bridge Club Leicester
Dorking BC Surrey
Halifax BC Yorkshire
Hampshire CBA  
New Hertford BC Hertfordshire
Hitchin BC Hertfordshire
Kendal BC Westmorland
Leeds BC Yorkshire
Norfolk CBA  
Morpeth BC North East
Nottingham BC Nottinghamshire
Oxford BC Oxfordshire
Pershore BC Worcestershire
Preston BC Lancashire
Retford BC Nottinghamshire
Richmond BC Surrey
Titchfield BC Hampshire
Wearside BC North East
York BC Yorkshire
Young Chelsea BC London


A number of others are known to be in the process of applying or considering the possibility. 

Application to HMRC to be recognised as a charity 

For small clubs with an annual income of less than £5000, rather than become a CIO, the club can apply to HMRC to be recognised as a charity and can claim back gift aid on subscriptions. Pershore Duplicate BC in Worcestershire has been recognised as a charity by HMRC. Please contact the EBU’s Club Liaison Officer Jonathan Lillycrop at or 01296 317206 if your club is a charity but is not mentioned here. Jonathan is also the EBU contact for those clubs requiring advice on the benefits of becoming charity or help with the application process. 

Please also Guidance for Clubs wishing to apply for charitable status or gift aid.

Last updated January 2023