Communications to Clubs and Counties

Below you will find all the previous updates to Clubs and Counties from the EBU Board and Staff.

Minutes from meetings can be found here.

An archive of newsletters sent to all clubs and counties can be found here.

EBU Updates - 3rd June 2024
EBU Updates - 7th May 2024
EBU Updates - 5th April 2024
EBU Updates - 6th March 2024
EBU Updates - 7th February 2024
EBU Updates - 10th January 2024
EBU Updates - 8th December 2023
EBU Updates - 6th November 2023
EBU Updates - 5th October 2023
EBU Updates - 6th September 2023
EBU Updates - 3rd August 2023
EBU Updates - 5th July 2023
EBU Updates - 1st June 2023
EBU Update - 4th May 2023
EBU Update - 5th April 2023
EBU Update - 3rd March 2023
EBU Update - 3rd February 2023
EBU Update - 6th January 2023
EBU Update - 6th December 2022
EBU Update - 4th November 2022
EBU Update - 6th October 2022
EBU Update - 8th September 2022
EBU Update - 3rd August 2022
EBU Update - 7th July 2022
EBU Update - 9th June 2022
EBU Update - 11th May 2022
EBU Update - 7th April 2022
EBU Update - 2nd March 2022
EBU Update - 7th February 2022
EBU Update - 6th January 2022
EBU Update - 2nd December 2021
EBU Update - 3rd November 2021
EBU Update - 6th October 2021
EBU Update - 3rd August 2021
EBU Update - 1st July 2021


EBU Invitation to County Meeting: New Club Affiliation Offer (23rd September 2021)
EBU AGM Update: 2021 AGM to be held Online (22nd September 2021)
Free Training Courses from RealBridge (3rd September 2021)
EBU Club Restart Meeting: Follow Up (30th July 2021)
EBU July 19 changes to COVID rules and restrictions (19th July 2021)
Vacancy for Laws & Ethics Administrator (2nd July 2021)
Free Design Training Courses from RealBridge (17th June 2021)
EBU Club and Counties Restart Seminar (16th June 2021)
EBU The End of Lockdown! (16th June 2021)
EBU County Chair Meeting Minutes (10th June 2021)
EBU County Chair Meeting Additional Notes (27th May 2021) (Please note: The County Survey Results and Marketing presentations noted in this email can be read in the County Chair Minutes)
EBU County Chairs' Meeting (17th May 2021)
EBU Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance (11th May 2021)
EBU Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance (5th May 2021)
EBU: Duplicate Bridge Survey (5th May 2021)
EBU Club Insurance (28th April 2021)
Changes to My EBU (19th April 2021)
Club Affiliation Fees Update (11th February 2021)
AGM Minutes (21st December 2020)
Club Representation on EBU Board (3rd December 2020)
EBU Counties & Clubs Online Bridge Discussion (12th October 2020)
New Government Rules about Social Distancing (15th September 2020)
EBU Universal Membership Collection Advice (19th August 2020)
EBU BBO Virtual Clubs Update (14th August 2020)
EBU BBO Team Games (10th August 2020)
EBU New Online Bridge Arrangements (4th August 2020)
EBU Strategy Update (30th July 2020)
COVID-19 and EBU Club Insurance (29th July 2020)
EBU Strategy Update (8th July 2020)
£50 rebate for EBU Virtual Clubs (3rd July 2020)
EBU Club Affiliation Fee (1st July 2020)
BBO Fees Change (1st July 2020)
EBU Updated Advice About Social Distancing (26th June 2020)


EBED Emails

Director Training Courses (13th May 2021)
EBED Revised Bridge for All Book (19th August 2020)
EBED New English Bridge School (23rd July 2020)