Renewing Club Insurance

EBU Club Insurance is due for renewal from the 1 April 2021. We are pleased to announce that the prices for the insurance and Marsh Commercial (formally Jelf Insurance) administration cost £7.50 remains unchanged from 2014. Should you wish to amend your insurance cover please contact Karen Durrell or 01296 317201.

Level of Cover Contents/All Risks Sum Insured Money Sum Insured Public Liability Limit of Indemnity Employers Liability Included Business Interruption ICOW Only Total Premium* inc IPT and Fee
Public Liability Only - - £5M - - £63.50
Tier 1 - Premium Schedule £4,000 £500 £5M Yes £2,500 £74.70
Tier 2 - Premium Schedule £8,000 £500 £5M Yes £2,500 £138.09
Tier 3 - Premium Schedule £12,000 £750 £5M Yes £2,500 £179.72
Tier 4 - Premium Schedule £16,000 £750 £5M Yes £2,500 £221.99
Tier 5 - Premium Schedule £20,000 £750 £5M Yes £2,500 £264.25

*pro rata rate applies The insurers have also agreed to offer a discounted rate to increase the money sum insured section for whichever clubs chooses to do so.

Additional Money Cover Money Sum Insured Additional Cost on Top of Total Tier Premium
1 £1000 £16.80 additional
2 £2000 £28.00 additional

Reminder The Employers Liability insurance guidelines require that all insurers who provide Employers Liability need to collect the individual PAYE number or Employers Reference Number (ERN) that is allocated to every registered employer. If your club operates a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system to collect Income Tax and National Insurance, Marsh requires your PAYE or ERN (Employers Reference Number) number.   For more information and here is the link to the HMRC website ( ). We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that Marsh are independent insurance intermediaries and as such act on your behalf when arranging insurance. As always, should you have the need to claim or have any general insurance queries please contact Marsh Commercial Sue Heavens on 01793 714430 (Wednesday - Friday 9am - 5pm) or by email or Fiona Cresswell on 01793 714415.

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