Colin Simpson Interview

Colin Simpson was born in London in 1948 but spent his childhood in Scotland where he learnt to play bridge at school and subsequently at university. Colin was recently part of the England Seniors team, which won Gold in the World Championships in 2009. This was the first time the Bowl had been won by a team other than the USA. More details can be seen here.

1. What do you do?
I moved to London and joined the Metropolitan Police where I worked for over 30 years, almost exclusively as a detective in counter terrorism.After retiring from the police, I became a professional bridge player.

2. How did you start playing bridge?
I learnt at school and University, but wasn’t able to start playing properly until I retired.

3. What’s your favourite food?
Peanut butter sandwich.

4. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at the bridge table?

In the final of the World Pairs in 1982 I was playing behind screens with Martin Hoffman. I had misplayed the last hand of a set and the flap came up and Martin told me off. I apologised. 30 seconds elapsed and he looked round the side of the screen and he told me off again. I apologised. 30 seconds elapsed and he stood up and gave me the lash again over the top of the screen. I apologised again, but the whole room was watching this, so to stop it I got up and went round to Martin's side of the table, knelt down with my hands in supplication and promised never to make the same mistake again. The room burst into laughing and cheering and Martin went red in the face and shut up for a few minutes.

5. How often do you play bridge?

I average about twice a week, plus I take part in many national and international tournaments.

Colin's biography is also available