Blackpool Year End Congress *Cancelled*

The Year End Congresses in London and Blackpool will not be taking place face-to-face this year. We will be running an online Year End Congress, further details will be announced in due course.

Held between Christmas and New Year over three days, this congress has earned the reputation of being relaxed and friendly. It’s ideal for players entering a national congress for the first time.

If you wish to enter one of the Year End Congresses, you can do so online over the Christmas period via Entries for the Blackpool Year End Congress should ideally be made in advance, but if this is not possible, and you have to enter on the day, then please make your payment to the office staff in Aylesbury at the earliest opportunity (no money will be collected at the venue).

The Swiss Teams and Swiss Pairs are both stratified events.

To enter

The easiest way to enter is online through My EBU. Log-in and select 'Book Events' from the Utilities menu.

You can also call 01296 317203/19 or email


Swiss Pairs - John Dearing & Jeremy Stanforth
Swiss Teams - Jeff Smith, Rhona Goldenfield, Jackie Pye & John Holland
Mixed Pairs - Jeff Smith & Rhona Goldenfield
Open Pairs - Ollie Burgess & Mark Weeks


All timings are currently subject to change

Saturday 28th

2.00pm - 5.30pm

Mixed Pairs or Open Pairs

7.45pm - 11.00pm

Stratified Swiss Pairs, session 1 (Three x 8-boards)

Sunday 29th

11.30am - 2.45pm

Stratified Swiss Pairs, session 2 (Three x 8-boards)

3.30 pm - 7.45pm

Stratified Swiss Pairs, session 3 (Four x 8-boards)

Monday 30th

11.30am - 7.00pm

Stratified Swiss Teams (Seven x 7-boards) Including a short break after three matches.

Entry Fees

All prices may be subject to change

(A) Full Congress £111

(B) Stratified Swiss Pairs £67

(C) Stratified Swiss Teams £41

(D) Mixed/Open Pairs £15

Entry fees are per player and should be made in advance.

Please enter prior to the office closing for Christmas on Friday 20th. If you have to enter on the day then please make your payment to Aylesbury at the earliest opportunity.

Master Points

Stratified Swiss Pairs and Stratified Swiss Teams: Fully green pointed
Mixed/Open Pairs: Blue Points
Green Point Scales


Level 4 agreements are permitted in all events.

Venue and Tariff

Things to do in and around Blackpool

Terms and Conditions