Congress Reviews

This is the EBU event review library. All congress reviews are in PDF format and you will need a suitable reader to view them.

January 2019 Point a Board Teams
December 2018 Year End Congress London
December 2018 Year End Congress Blackpool
October 2018 Autumn Congress
October 2018 Bridge Overseas Andalucia Congress
September 2018 Crockfords Final
August 2018 Northern Midweek
August 2018 Summer Festival Teams
August 2018 Summer Festival First Weekend
July 2018 Scarborough Summer Congress
July 2018 Senior & Veterans
June 2018 English Riviera Congress
June 2018 Pachabo
June 2018 Corwen Trophy
May 2018 Schapiro Spring Fours
May 2018 Spring Bank Holiday
April 2018 National Pairs Final
April 2018 Really Easy Spring Conress
February 2018 Ranked Masters Pairs
February 2018 Bridge Overseas Budapest Congress
January 2018 National Point a Board
December 2017 Year End London
December 2017 Year End Blackpool
October 2017 Really Easy Autumn Congress
October 2017 Halkidki Overseas Congress
September 2017 Guernsey Congress
August 2017 Northern Midweek
August 2017 Eastbourne Summer Congress
July 2017 Scarborough Summer Congress
July 2017 Summer seniors
June 2017 Riviera Congress
June 2017 Pachabo
June 2017 Corwen
May 2017 Spring Bank Holiday
May 2017 Spring 4’s
April 2017 Easter Festival
April 2017 National Pairs Final
March 2017 Really Easy Spring Break
February 2017 Ranked Masters Pairs
February 2017 Bridge Overseas Lisbon Congress
February 2017 Tollemache Final
January 2017 Point a Board Teams
December 2016 Blackpool Year End
December 2016 Year End Congress
November 2016 Tollemache Qualifier
November 2016 Seniors Congress
October 2016 Autumn Congress
September 2016 Guernsey Congress
August 2016 Summer Meeting
June 2016 Pachabo Cup
June 2016 Southern Midweek
June 2016 Corwen Trophy
May 2016 Spring Bank Holiday
April 2016 National Paris Final
April 2016 Really Easy Spring Congress
March 2016 Easter Festival of Bridge
February 2016 Tollemache Final
February 2016 Bridge Overseas Cyprus Congress
January 2016 National Teams – Swiss
January 2016 National Teams – Point a Board
December 2015 Year End Congress London
December 2015 Northern Year End Congress
November 2015 Tollemache Qualifier
November 2015 Seniors Congress
October 2015 Autumn Congress
August 2015 Brighton Lite
August 2015 Brighton Midweek
August 2015 Brighton Swiss Weekends
August 2015 Really Easy Congress Brighton
September 2015 Confiance Guernsey Congress
September 2015 Crockfords Cup and Plate
August 2015 Northern Midweek Congress
July 2015 Scarborough Summer Congress
July 2015 Seniors Summer Congress
July 2015 Riviera Congress
May 2015 Oxford Belfry Congress
May 2015 Cowen Trophy
May 2015 Spring Bank Holiday Congress
April 2015 Easter Festival
April 2015 National Pairs Final
April 2015 Really Easy Wroxton
February 2015 Bridge Overseas Lanzarote Congress
February 2015 Ranked Masters Pairs
February 2015 Harrogate
February 2015 Tollemache Final
January 2015 National Teams Congress – Swiss Teams
January 2015 National Teams Congress – Point a Board
December 2014 Northern Year End
December 2014 Year End London
October 2014 Seniors Congress
October 2014 Really Easy Wroxton
October 2014 Autumn Congress
October 2014 Montenegro Congress
September 2014 Guernsey Congress
September 2014 Crockfords
August 2014 Telford Midweek
August 2014 Brighton Full Congress
July 2014 Scarborough
July 2014 Summer Seniors
June 2014 English Riviera
June 2014 Pachabo Cup
May 2014 Corwen Trophy
May 2014 Oxford Belfry Midweek
May 2014 Spring Bank Holiday
May 2014 National Pairs A
May 2014 National Pairs B
May 2014 Schapiro Spring Fours
April 2014 Lambourne Jersey
April 2014 Really Easy Easter Festival
April 2014 Easter Festival
February 2014 Ranked Masters Pairs
February 2014 York Spring Congress
February 2014 Bridge Overseas Congress Malta
January 2014 National Teams Congress Point a Board
January 2014 National Teams Congress Swiss Teams
December 2013 Year End Congress London
December 2013 Year End Congress Blackpool
November 2013 Seniors Congress
October 2013 Autumn Congress
October 2013 Bridge Overseas Lake Garda Congress
September 2013 The Confiance Gernsey Congress
August 2013 Telford Midweek Congress
August 2013 Brighton Lite Teams
August 2013 Brighton Lite Stratified Pairs
August 2013 Brighton Seniors Congress
August 2013 Brighton Swiss Pairs
August 2013 Brighton Swiss Teams
July 2013 Scarbrough Summer Congress
July 2013 Summer Seniors Congress
June 2013 English Riviera Congress
June 2013 Pachabo Cup
May 2013 Corwen Trophy
May 2013 Oxford Belfry Congress
May 2013 Spring Bank Holiday Congress Teams
May 2013 Spring Bank Holiday Champion Pairs
May 2013 Spring Bank Holiday Swiss Pairs
May 2013 Crockfords Finals
May 2013 Schapiro Spring Foursomes
April 2013 The Lambourne Jersey Congress
April 2013 National Pairs Finals
March 2013 Easter Festival London
March 2013 Ranked Masters Pairs
February 2013 Bridge Overseas Fuerteventura Congress
February 2013 Harrogate Spring Congress
January 2013 Swiss Teams Congress
December 2012 Year End Congress London
December 2012 Year End Congress Blackpool
November 2012 Seniors Congress
October 2012 Autumn Congress
October 2012 Bridge Overseas Marmaris Congress
October 2012 Great Northern Swiss Pairs
September 2012 Guernsey Congress
September 2012 National Womens Teams
August 2012 Brighton Midweek events
August 2012 Brighton New Swiss Pairs
August 2012 Brighton Second Weekend Swiss Teams
August 2012 Brighton Swiss Pairs 1st Weekend
August 2012 Brighton Swiss Teams 1st weekend
July 2012 Scarborough Summer Congress
July 2012 Summer Seniors Congress
June 2012 English Riviera Congress