Legacy EBU Calendar

The EBU has launched its new calendar. Please feel free to view it here. You can view this video as a guide to the new calendar.

All counties will be able to add, edit and delete their own events (You won’t be able to edit or delete anyone else’s).

To get your user name and password so you can start to promote your events please contact Charlie@ebu.co.uk.

Note: For Youth Bridge events see the Youth Calendar

How to use

Our calendars should be very simple to use. You can navigate through the year with the buttons in the top left. You can see different display formats (as well as print) with the buttons in the top right. Clicking on an item will open up more information about it.

A feature you may miss is the drop-down arrow in the very top right. Clicking this allows you to show and hide the six calendars - useful if you're not interested in some of them and want to remove the clutter.

Import Calendars into your Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar for your diary (and if you have an Android phone you probably do) it is very simple to import our calendars. Just make sure you're logged in to your Google account, click on the icon at the bottom right of the calendar above (+ Google Calendar) and it will prompt you to add some or all of our calendars to your own. You will then always be up to date with our latest calendar information.

You can also copy individual events to your Google calendar by clicking on the event and clicking the "copy to my calendar" link. Please note this will be a copy - if the original changes, your copy will not be kept synchronised.

Import Calendars into Outlook, Apple Calendar or other software

If your software supports the ICAL format, you can import our calendars by using one of the links below to an ICS file. Please follow the instructions of your software to find out exactly how to do this. In Outlook you need to go to Tools/Account Settings/Internet Calendars.

Please note: if you download the file and then import it it will not be kept synchronised. You may, however, be able to copy the URL and enter that instead, which will allow your software to always be kept up to date when we change things. Please see your software's help files for more information.

County Calendars Some of our counties have also published their own public calendars. Links to the ICAL data can be found below: