Masters Pairs

1st March 2020

The Masters Pairs is a national competition hosted in club heats to compete for the Ann Staveley trophy. it is aimed at players with fewer Masterpoints.

Please note a change since 2019 - the heats will be hosted by individual clubs, rather than run by the EBU. This will mean cheaper prices, a chance to support your local club, and hopefully more participants.


The Masters Pairs will take place at heats organised by host bridge clubs. These clubs are responsible for most aspects of the heat, including running the game, submitting the scores, and taking entries.

The entry fee is determined by each host club - a part of this is remitted to the EBU and the rest is retained by club, so by taking part you are supporting your local club.

This is a change from previous years when the EBU rented venues. This change means that the cost of entry can be reduced, and we hope that it will encourage a greater number of entries.

Details of the clubs which are hosting heats are available below.


This event is open to players below the rank of Regional Master.
This includes: Local Masters, Club Masters, Area Masters, District Masters, County Masters, Masters, Advanced Masters, Star Masters, Tournament Masters or Premier Masters.

Players above this rank should enter the Ranked Masters Pairs.

Your ranking is taken as of 1st January 2019, and will include any Master Points which have been earned prior to that date, but not yet registered. Players currently, or previously, based overseas for any substantial period of their bridge playing career should make a special application for a national rank to be afforded them solely for the purpose of participating in this event, or the Ranked Masters Pairs. It may be that they would be eligible to only play in one of the Ranked Masters competitions. We may also reserve the right to restrict entry only to those members with less than 25 Green Points in instances where the member in question has not yet accumulated enough Master Points in total to reach the level of Regional Master or higher.


The competition is played as a 2-session, 1-day event scored by match-points simultaneously across several centres.

The start and finish time will be dependent on the host venue, though a start time around 11:30am is expected for most. Please see below for information.

The results will be stratified with those below the rank of Master in the 'B' stratification.

To enter

Please enter directly with the host club. The contact details and/or the process for making an entry for each venue is listed below.

Free entry for landmark promotion: Players who receive a landmark promotion to the rank of Master qualify for a free entry for the Masters Pairs or Ranked Master Pairs. They can play with any partner of their choice and will therefore play at the level of the highest player in the partnership. This would mean that in order to play in the Masters Pairs both players need to be a Premier Master or below. The free entry can be claimed for the competition immediately following notification of their promotion, or deferred for one year (i.e. those notified in April 2019 can reclaim their free entry in the event in spring 2020 or spring 2021).
In order to claim your free entry: enter with the host club as normal, and then contact the EBU to notify us that you will be taking part - or 01296 317203/219. Assuming you are entitled to a free entry, the cost of your entry will be refunded to your EBU account following the event. This can then be withdrawn or used to enter another competition. Please note that the refunds will be done through a manual process so is therefore dependent on you making us aware that you believe you are eligible, and that you have taken part in the competition.


Alick Fraser & Nick Elmslie




Sunday 1st March

The start time will vary from venue to venue - see below for details

Entry Fees

The entry fee will be determined by the host club - see below for specific prices for each venue

Members who have attained a landmark promotion to the rank of Master are entitled to free entry in the Masters Pairs. See above

Please make entries directly to the host club

Master Points

Green Points are awarded throughout, both for session results and for final ranking. Session awards go to the top 1/4 of the overall field based on the session scores alone. In addition, ranking points go to the top 1/2 of the overall field based on the two-session total score. Session awards and final ranking awards are cumulative.

The results will be stratified with those below the rank of Master in the 'B' stratification.


Level 4 agreements are permitted in this event.

Terms and Conditions