National Swiss Teams Congress

15th - 16th May 2021, BBO

Please note that due to Covid-19, this event will be played online in 2021

This event consists of fourteen 7-board matches using instant Swiss assignments based on results of the matches that are just completed. Scoring will be by IMPs. Hosts, Teammates & Partners, are available, please contact Darren Evetts []

To enter

Entries should be made directly with Warwickshire CBA, via this link


2019 Ben Norton, Kieran Dyke, Michael Byrne, Toby Nonnenmacher

Event not held in 2020

Day Times Description
Saturday 15th May 1.30pm Swiss Teams Session 1 (Matches 1-3)
TBA*. Finish approx 10.00pm Swiss Teams Session 2 (Matches 4-7)
Sunday 16th May 10.30am Swiss Teams Session 3 (Matches 8-10)*
TBA*. Finish approx 6:30 Swiss Teams Session 4 (Matches 11-14)

* There will be a break of 90 Minutes after match 3. The Congress organiser reserves right to amend number of matches if size of entry so demands (eg 12x8 rather than 14x7)

Entry Fees
£130 per team*

Please make entries directly to Warwickshire CBA *Players must be members of a National Bridge Union. Juniors and those in full time education - HALF PRICE

Master Points


Level 4 agreements are permitted in all events.


Cash prizes will be awarded at the end of the event with Wine Prizes to be awarded to the highest IMP score each match.

Venue and Tariff

Run by Warwickshire CBA, to be held on BBO in 2021. Entries to be made online via Warwickshire CBA website.