Online One-Day Green-Pointed (OODGP) Events

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OODGP Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams

Ten new national events a year for those who enjoy playing one-day green-pointed Swiss games online

On RealBridge from June 2023

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From March 2023, these new online events will take the place of those that have been run by counties over the last couple of years. They will provide a single national two-session event of 48/49 boards on each of the specified days, with the large single field meaning that the size of field and master-point ranking awards will be larger.

The price of each of these games will be £20 per player and there will be annual prizes based on placing points won over the year: eg for a 98 pair Swiss Pairs event the two players in the winning pair will each get 98 place points, runners-up get 97 and so on down to the bottom pair who will get 1 place point. For a 50 table Swiss Teams event the members of the top team would all get 99 place points, the runners-up get 97 place points, down to the bottom team who will all get 1 place points.. The overall series prizes will be stratified based on master-point ranking. 

Counties will continue to run face-to-face one-day green-pointed events on the stipulated county weekends and will be able to combine these into county congresses as before. 

Please note: Free entry emails for this event can only be used once per person per year, even if you receive multiple emails during the year.

From September 2023, all events will be run on RealBridge using screens. Please follow these links for more information on RealBridge with screens and Alerting, Announcing & Explaining for OODGP with screens. You must alert your calls and YOUR PARTNER’S calls to your screenmate by making a verbal announcement; there is no Alert card.

To enter

You can enter for any of the below competitions via My EBU, under Utilities - Book Events. 

The dates and formats for the first year of OODGP events will be as follows (each session will start at 11am and finish at approx 6pm with a break for lunch):

Day Start Time Description
SAT 25 MAR 11am SWISS PAIRS (RealBridge)
MON 8 MAY (Bank Holiday) 11am SWISS TEAMS (BBO)
SAT 17 JUN 11am SWISS PAIRS (RealBridge)
SUN 2 JUL 11am SWISS TEAMS (RealBridge)
SAT 16 SEP 11am SWISS PAIRS (RealBridge)
SAT 21 OCT 11am SWISS TEAMS (RealBridge)
SAT 25 NOV 11am SWISS PAIRS (RealBridge)
SUN 28 JAN 11am SWISS TEAMS (RealBridge)
SUN 18 FEB 11am SWISS PAIRS (RealBridge)
SAT 16 MAR 11am SWISS TEAMS (RealBridge)
£20 per player
Closing date for entries is 24 hours prior to each event

Master Points

The overall series prizes will be stratified based on master-point ranking. 

Venue and Tariff

Early OODGP events were held on RealBridge & BBO, but future events are currently planned to be on RealBridge, although IntoBridge may also be used in the future for some Swiss Pairs events in this series or for other events.