Kettering Conference Centre  10th - 11th February

Rank List with Names, Chart, Butler Ranking

This years winners are: 

Gloucestershire with 108 VPs

With 2 matches to go they had 81 VPs (out of 100)

while the next team were still on 50 VPs

Very well done to the players,
Andrew Kambites, Richard Chamberlain,

Paul Denning, Patrick Shields, Graham Sadie, Joe Angseesing, Derek Rue, John Rookwood, Richard Butland, John Atthey and their NPC Judy Sanis

The runners-up are Surrey with a total of 75 VPs

Graham Osborne, Cameron Small, Frances Hinden, Jeffrey Allerton, Jon Cooke, Paul Gibbons, Peter Lee, Bob Rowlands, Ken Ford, Ian Swanson, NPC Peter Bentley