Club Representation on EBU Board

Dear Club Chairs and Secretaries

Although there is a well-respected member of the EBU board, Bev Purvis, who has responsibility for clubs, some concerns have been expressed by clubs about the lack of representation for them in the EBU organisational structure including at board level. In order to address this, it was decided at the AGM to increase the number of board members by one with the new board member being chosen by clubs to represent their interests. The intention is that the person taking up the position should be someone active in club administration who will try to represent the views and concerns of all clubs.

With over 600 clubs a process will need to be found to select the individual who will take up this position. One proposal for a process would be for each club to be allowed to propose a candidate (if they choose to) and there can then be a vote, using a single transferrable vote system unless clubs prefer otherwise. It may well be that clubs who are in contact with others will decide to propose one candidate who is likely to command support among a larger number of clubs. That process is just a suggestion and the clubs as a whole are welcome to design their own process if they prefer. The selection will be done by the clubs although EBU are available to help in whatever way is useful e.g. communications to all clubs, practicalities of voting. We suggest that a discussion start on the club forum and a thread can be found here. This will all need to take place quite quickly if someone is to be selected in time to be invited to the January board meeting.

As always please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this or any other club related topic.


Jonathan Lillycrop
Club Liaison Officer
Phone: 01296 317206


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