COVID-19 and EBU Club Insurance

Dear Club Official

In response to requests from clubs, we have asked our insurers about the insurance position for those clubs covered by them, for when they do go back to playing face-to-face and this is what the insurers have said:

As it stands, there are no changes to the policy following the COVID outbreak. Other insurers are clarifying their stance on this when policies are renewed by endorsing policies. As the Bridge Club policies renewed in April, we will see how they look to clarify their stance next year.

All insurers are advising to go on Government/Local Authority advices. The insurers wont stop people resuming ‘normal’ activity, nor will they prevent it. As there will be clubs in town/city centres and some in more remote locations, there isn’t a blanket answer to cover all situations, businesses, and areas. The actions needed in Leicester would be different to that of a Yorkshire village with the local lockdown in Leicester.

Providing clubs are taking appropriate action to adhere to guidelines set out by the powers that be, the insurers would look to defend claims relating to COVID. Obviously, if a club didn’t provide distancing, hand wash facilities etc, and a claim came in, the club would have been negligent and there would be claims coming in from all over the place!

Sorry I cannot give a clearer guide or course of action, a lot of responsibility lies with the people themselves, and their own judgement, based on the government advices and local restrictions. Also, given the nature of Bridge, distancing can be a problem, as would be the circulation of cards and scoring machines, making the whole situation very tricky to handle. 

This final paragraph indicates why the EBU is not in a position to recommend or encourage clubs to re-open, although we do know of a very small number who have done so, having taken what they feel are the appropriate steps to minimise risk. Any club that wishes to follow this course should take care to complete a formal risk assessment before taking such a decision.


Gordon Rainsford
Chief Executive
English Bridge Union


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