Bridge clubs targeted by fraudsters

Dear Club Treasurers and Main Contacts

We have been made aware of a new spate of recent incidents, where fraudsters have targeted bridge clubs. Whilst we are sure that most people would smell something fishy about their attempts, and would generally be vigilant anyway, we thought we should mention it. 

The pattern seems to be that they get the name of the Treasurer and someone else on the committee (presumably from the club website) and then write to the Treasurer asking them to pay a bill, or transfer money. They give some payment details, and then sign the email as being from the other club official.

There can be lots of tell tale signs that it isn't genuine, although easy to miss if you are not vigilant.

Some signs the email may not be genuine are:

  • URL links within the email do not match genuine websites (hover over the link without clicking on it to check it)
  • poor spelling and grammar
  • the email asks for personal information or payment

You may wish to mention to people on the committee to be conscious of the fact that such scams are being attempted, and that they should think twice before making any payments.

If you have any concerns regarding emails received from the EBU please contact us directly on 01296 317215. Any suspicious emails should be reported to Action Fraud.

Kind regards


Sam Kelly, Communications Officer,; 01296 317215


This email was sent to and was sent to all Club Treasurers and main contacts where listed. If you no longer serve in this position, please notify

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