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Welcome to EBUScore

EBUScore is a suite of bridge scoring programs which are available for free to affiliated clubs and counties as well as to EBTA members. EBUScore is a rebranded and updated version of the popular scoring software originally written by Jeff Smith. There are separate programs for Pairs, Teams, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams and Individual.

A simplified version of EBUScore Pairs has now been created which is called EBU ClubPairs.

EBUScore and EBU ClubPairs can be downloaded from here. A club My EBU login will be required or an individual My EBU login if you have been marked as a scorer by a club.

To see what is new with EBUScore, take a look at What's New

Should my club switch to EBUScore?

Non-affiliated clubs and clubs from other countries can obtain the software for a fee of £60 (including VAT). More details are available here.

For any questions relating to EBUScore or EBU ClubPairs please email

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