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Welcome to EBUScore

EBUScore is a suite of Duplicate Bridge Scoring programs.

It is a rebranded version of the popular Jeff Smith suite of scoring software - Pairs Scorer, Teams Scorer and so on. For a while, the programs will look very similar to the Jeff Smith programs.

  • Existing users of the Jeff Smith suite need to note that EBUScore event data files are incompatible - you cannot use EBUScore to access events that were created by PairsScorer, and vice versa. Please see here for more information.

Otherwise, nothing fundamental has changed. To see what else is new, take a look at What's New

Should my club switch to EBUScore?

EBUScore is available for affiliated clubs, counties and EBTA members, to download for free via the 'new' Members Area (a.k.a. 'My EBU'). Click here for instructions. Non-affiliated clubs can obtain the software for a fee of £60 (including VAT). More details are available here.

Any clubs that currently use the Jeff Smith programs can continue to use those, but they will no longer be supported.

The Suite consists of five independent scoring programs:

  • EBUScore Pairs - for scoring normal 'Duplicate Pairs' sessions -
    the bread and butter of most bridge clubs
  • EBUScore Teams - for scoring normal 'Multiple Teams' events
  • EBUScore Swiss Pairs
  • EBUScore Swiss Teams
  • EBUScore Individual

For many bridge clubs, the 'Pairs' program is all that they will need, though quite a few clubs run occasional Teams events.

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