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Guide to Setting up a Casual Table on Bridge Base Online (BBO)

1) If you have not already registered with BBO you can find instructions for doing that here.

2) Go to, click 'Play Bridge Now'. Enter the User name and Password you chose when you registered and then click Log In. You should now be logged on and it should look like this:

3) Click ‘Casual’

4) Click ‘Start a table’

5) At the top chose whether you would like IMPs or Matchpoints scoring.

6) Kibitzers are spectators. You can choose whether to allow them or not. For each option you turn it on or off by clicking on the circle to the right of it. Orange means the option is on and white is off.

7) If you are setting up a table just for friends then you may wish to use the Invisible option, this will mean that other people will not see the table and so will not try and join if one of your group disconnects (which does happen periodically on BBO).

8) Reserve seats for the people who you wish to play with. To reserve a seat click on North, South, East or West and then enter the BBO username of the person. If it is just you and a partner then leave East and West blank. If the person’s name appears in blue then they are logged in, if it is in red they they are not currently logged in although you can still proceed and the seat will be reserved for them.

9) Then click ‘Start Table – Relaxed game’ or ‘Start Table – Competitive game’. Both are free. At least in theory Competitive game should be a slightly higher standard.

10) The game should then start and any free seats will be filled up automatically.

11) Once you have tried a causal game you may like to try an EBU tournament. Here is how to register.

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