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Scoring a Pairs Event

Displaying Results

Again, there are several options available, many of which are unlikely to be of great relevance to most clubs.
You will probably just want to display / print a ranking list, without too much extra detail - perhaps only the master points showing.
So with 'Ranks' ticked on the left hand side, and 'Ranks + masterpoints' in the middle section, click on 'Display on Screen' (the left-most of the four pink buttons at the bottom). This opens up and displays a text file.
Try also clicking on 'Scroll Report' - you may prefer this display.
And of course, if you want to print out results onto paper, click on 'Send to Printer'. You can change fonts and font sizes via the 'Printer Settings' button.

Sending results to your club website

Sending results to the EBU.

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