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Scoring a Pairs Event

Entering Scores

Scores should be entered in the right hand column (headed 'Score'), after which they will be transferred to the appropriate place on the traveller.
Scores can be entered either as raw bridge scores (+430, -120, etc.), or with full details of contract, etc.
If the tickbox 'Omit Last Zero' is checked, you only need to type (for example) '43' or '-12' for +430 and -120 to be recorded. If you enter '140', then N/S will get a huge score!
Switch between boards by clicking on the board number at the bottom. Alternatively, hit '*' on your number pad or 'N' for 'Next board'; “/” on your number pad or 'P' for 'Previous board'.
A full list of keystrokes that you can use, and the format for entering contracts, etc., can be shown by clicking on 'Score Entry Help' near the bottom right of the window.

The traveller lines are shown above in the order that the board was played. This can be changed to 'NS Pair order' (for pre-numbered travellers) by checking the appropriate tickbox on the right.

When you have finished entering scores, click on 'Return' to get back to the Event Menu, where you might now wish to click on 'Reports' to display results.

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