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 ==== Event Menu ==== ==== Event Menu ====
-This is the Event Menu as it appears after you have selected a movement.+This is the Event Menu as it appears after you have selected a movement.\\ If you have not yet chosen your movement, you need to click on [[SelectMove|'​Select Movement'​]].
-{{Revised screenshot to appear here}}+{{:​screenshot_eventmenu2.png?​400|}}
 +Below is a summary of the buttons and their purposes. ​ What you do next depends mainly on whether you are [[ManualScoring|scoring manually]] or using [[WirelesScoring|wireless technology]]
-When creating a new event, this screen ​appearswith most of the options greyed outuntil you have chosen a movement.\\ +  * [[EventDetailsScreen|'​Event Details'​]] takes you back to the Event Details ​screen, ​should you wish to amend the name of the eventfor example.\\ 
-So click on [[SelectMove|'​Select Movement'​]].+  * [[EnterNames|'​Player Names'​]] takes you to where you can enter or amend the list of players in this event.\\ 
 +  ​* ​[[SelectMove|'​Select Movement'​]] ​allows you to amend the movement - for example to change the number of rounds played, or number of arrowswitched rounds If you have already started recording scores, any significant changes might cause you to lose those.\\ 
 +  * [[MultiSessionLinks|MultiSession Links]] is greyed out, as this doesn'​t apply to single-session events.\\ 
 +  * [[EnterScores|Enter Scores]] allows you to enter table results manually, or amend existing results. 
 +  * [[Wirelesscoring|Bridgemate Scoring]] for wireless scoring\\ (Bridgemates are not the only wireless options available - other methods are supported). 
 +  * [[Properties]] allows you to mark pairs with '​flags',​ to apply stratification,​ apply adjustments,​ etc. 
 +  * [[EventHistoryScreen|Exit Event]] takes you back to the Event History Screen
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