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Step by Step Guide to Registering with Funbridge

1) In an Internet web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc) Go to

2) Click 'Play Bridge Now' (blue box)

3) Click 'Create an account'

4) Enter a unique screen name and then your email address and your chosen password. You can choose whether to receive the Funbridge newsletter and special offers. Then click Create. If you get an error that the screen name (or email) is already in use then you will need to select something else. If you receive no error then the account has been successfully created.

5) Scroll down the page and click 'I already have an account'

6) Use the screen name and password you just created to login.

7) You will now be logged on. You receive 10 free deals to start with so you can try Funbridge. You will receive an email from Funbridge asking you to validate your email address, if you do this you will receive another 90 free deals.

After this you will need to either sign up for a Premium account which gives you unlimited deals or purchase more deals. As of 23/03/20 premium account costs $13.99 per month or $129.99 per year. Alternatively 50 deals costs $3.99, 400 deals costs $21.99 or 1,500 deal costs $109.99.

8) Funbridge has different play modes. To begin you may want to try 'Get started/Practise' to play a few hands and understand how the bidding and play work.

9) If you have friends who also use Funbridge you can play a head to head challenge against them. This is 5 boards with IMP scoring. You both play the same boards both playing with a computer partner and your scores are compared to give the IMPs result. To do this you will first need to add your friends. Click 'Friends' on the left hand side. Then click Search and enter either the person's real name (if they have given it to Funbridge) or their username. Once you have found them click the green plus by their name. Add a message if you wish and then click Send. Once they have confirmed then you will be able to challenge them through the 'Challenge a player' option on the Funbridge home page.

10) The EBU also run daily tournaments on Funbridge. These are 20 board tournaments and Master Points are awarded. Scoring is by matchpoints apart from on Mondays and Fridays when it is by IMPs. There is a small additional charge for playing in EBU tournaments although the boards then will not count from your number of remaining deals. To play EBU tournaments you need to purchase Diamonds which is the Funbridge virtual currency. Each EBU game costs 40 diamonds. 1000 Diamonds costs $50 so that is $2 per game (you can also buy diamonds in multiples of 20, 100, 500, 2500 and 5000). To purchase Diamonds click Shop on the left hand side and then click Diamonds (at the top). You can then purchase the number of Diamonds that you want.

Once you have purchased your Diamonds you can register for an EBU game by going to 'Play a tournament' from the Funbridge home page, then 'Federation Tournaments', then 'England - Master Points'. You will need to enter you EBU number (if you have one) and click Confirm. You can then click 'Play' to play in the current EBU tournament. Each tournament runs from midnight to midnight (UK time) and you can play the boards whenever you like throughout the day, you can break off and come back later as many times as you like.

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