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Purchasing EBUScore

Non-affiliated organisations may purchase EBUScore for a licence fee of £60 (including VAT).
This entitles:

  1. Use of all five components of EBUScore: Pairs, Teams, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams, and Individual.
  2. Unlimited scorers to install the software, on the understanding that its use is limited to the organisation in question.
  3. Unlimited upgrades during the following 12 months.
  4. Support (via e-mail) for 12 months.

Continued support after 12 months will be available at the slightly reduced rate of £48 (including VAT) per annum.
If, after 12 months, the organisation chooses not to renew their licence, they will no longer be able to install new copies or upgrade their software, nor be entitled to support. However, their existing software will continue to operate.

If you would like to purchase the software, please e-mail with details of your organisation. On receipt of payment, we will set you up an account, as if you were an affiliated club, so that you can download the software by the same means via 'My EBU'.
If you are a newly registered club, you will also need to set up your own password via ''

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